WHy choose us

Thomason Construction Inc. is a leading commercial metal stud framing contractor in Las Vegas. We have a team of highly talented motivated individuals that can frame projects as simple as straight wall TiI's and as difficult as serpentine soffits. 

why it really matters

Metal framing is not only a critical path item on your schedule the location of walls and proper framing will make or break your job. The problem is most times you don't realize how bad your walls are until the finish product is already on. At that point the last thing your project can accommodate is removing finishes to relocate walls. 

Our Process

With the Thomason team we start the process early to make your projects flawless. We get involved during pre-construction by having our team of experienced professionals put eyes on your drawings as soon as we get them. We thoroughly look at all details of the drawings to ensure your project will be framed correctly. We also will make recommendations for valued engineering if we believe there is a better method to frame your project. After looking through the details and ensuring we are using the most cost effective, safest and quickest methods we move our focus to missing information. This is critical because often times contractors wait until they are on site building to bring up questions. Then you are at the mercy of your architect and that is the worst place to be when you are trying to complete a project. Although sometimes we miss things and sometimes you just cant foresee an issue until you are actually building we do our best to iron out the kinks before we ever step foot on your project.