Trim & Molding


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Shiplap will give your home that wow factor it deserves by accentuating an otherwise boring wall.  We have highly trained carpenters who can install your shiplap with tight joints, straight level lines, and a finished product other contractors could only dream of installing.

Doors & Casing

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Thomason Construction has the best carpenters around who will leave your  casings and trim with amazingly tight joints.  Don't let the hacks practice on your house.  Trust us on this one, the savings will not be worth it.  


We don't cut corners unless it comes to making sure your baseboards are done right. We take pride in making sure our corners are glued together so there is no separation and that our joints are the best.  We go above and beyond with the highest quality install that will last for years.  

Crown Molding

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If you are going to spend the money to install crown molding, spend the money to have it installed right.  Nothing will make your home look classier than correctly installed crown molding. 


wainscot, wainscoting, wainscotting, wall decor, accent wall, wall features

A high quality install of wainscoting can really take a room to a new level. Enhance your room by adding flair to your walls.  Thomason Construction has the track record of offering amazing work for a fair price.  

Ceiling Trim

ceiling, ceiling trim, trim, clover trim, dimensional ceiling, ceiling features

Ceilings don't have to be boring. Clover trim installed on your ceiling can give it another dimension that will really make your ceiling pop and grab everyone's attention.  

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